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Technical Specification


Drilling Capacity 45mm

Drilling Head

Spindle Nose MT - 4
Spindle Travel 200 mm
No. Of Spindle Speeds 8
Spindle Speed Range 60-1350 RPM
No. Of Power Feeds 3
Power Feed Range 0.10-0.20-0.30 mm / rev.

Working Range

Column Diameter 201 mm
Column to Spindle Center min/max 290/1000 mm
Base Plate to Spindle Nose min/max 440/1120 mm
Drilling Head Traverse 710mm
Arm Traverse 690mm

Base Plate

Working Surface 1020 x 690 mm


Main Motor ( Two Speed ) 3 H.P./150 rpm, 2 H.P./750
Arm Motor 1H.P./1400 rpm
Shipping Size ( L x W x H ) 1600 x 100 x 2200
Weight 1550 Kgs.

Standard Accessories

Complete Electrical, Machine Lamp, Drill Drift Key, Oil Can, Level Pad, Leveling Bolt.

Optional Accessories

Box Table, Coolant Pump, Drill Vice.


Heavy duty graded iron with maximum working space, provided with standard T-slot, Lveling and foundation bolt holes and in built coolant lamp.


Forged alloy steel spindle finish ground to close tolerances and mounted on heavy duty anti friction bearing to with stand heavy radial as well as thrust loads.


Ground finished to very close limits from specially alloy steel for precision pin-point drilling operation.


Heavy duty, precision machined from forged alloy steel and suitably heat treated and ground finish for maximum wear.


In main head oil systems are automatically provided by oil pump.


Conveniently grouped for ease of operation and maximum efficiency.


Machines are finished with long lasting wear resistant paint. All bright components are suitably trated for protection against oxidization.


All electricals eqipments according to IS specifications.

Silent Features

Specially designed Heavy Duty Harden & Grounded Drilling Heads.

Precision anti friction bearing for all rotating Members.

SpeedRange to suit various drilling operation.

Auto as well as Manual feeds.

Automatic adjustable depth control.

Electrical safety protection against accidental over feed.

Ergonomically grouped controls for ease of operation.

Adjustable terry type Machine Lamp.

Complete with all electrical ready to instant use.

Minimum maintenance requirement.

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