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Drilling capacity in MS No. of Head Cluman Diameter Centre of spindle to Column Centre between two unit
19mm 3 87 mm 200 mm 300 mm
Max/Min Dist. Spindle to table Taper in Spindle Spindle travel No of Speed Rang of Speed
550/150 mm MT-2 125 mm 8 87 to 3200 mm
Table Size Working surface of table No. of T Slot in table/size No of Electric Motor V-Belt Section
610 x 1200 mm 370 x 1065 mm One / 16 mm 3/ 0.50 HP 1440 RPM A-42

Standard Equipments

Electric Motor, Switch, Panel Board with warring, Belt, Drill Drift Key.

Optional Equipments

Coolant Pump with tank and fitting, Lamp with fitting.

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